I like making pottery in the old Traditional Southern Folk Art Style. 
First it reminds me of what I like and have seen while growing up in the south.   
There are a few that still do this in that style.  If your one of those that do, I take my hat off to you and say thank you for keeping the tradition alive. 
I want to do my part to help keep it alive & strong among others. 

Second....I just love to make pots and see folks enjoy looking at them and collecting them.

My spin on it all is,  why not use what local materials to your region, clays and elements to make a glaze as well as some recycleable materials such as glass and even rust. You may never realize that some of the best materials to make a glaze are found in rocks and minerals.  Some are simply stepped over in your own back yard. I am learning to realize that most of the best supplies for pottery are nearer to us than we thought, although some things we may use may not be found close by, but we have access to them. 
Take that old pitcher your grandma used,  the old jug or churn that sat around, they were KOOL.  They had my vote.
Lets make some more Kool Stuff like that.  1000% better than the things shipped in. 
Makes me proud when I see a piece of Southern Folk Art.  If it's carved, painted, brushed, sculpted, or the Art of your choice,  you should be proud to have a piece of genuine Folk Art. If it has a dollar value or not,  it is still a vital part.  Enjoy it.

I'll say as I have said before,   I may never be in the ranks of the great or the ole timers,  but it is fun playing in the mud.

*     *     *